Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting there~Desk progress...

So close...We got so much done this weekend!! (Shocked since the 3 year old must have a stomach bug and we're zombies from being up all Saturday night) but we *mostly* completed 2 big projects!

First up: the desk nook.......

So I'm continuing this from the previous post~ I ordered the glass top~it was the wrong size. hmm. The girl typed the order up as 2 inches too short. Not happy. Luckily she re-ordered it no problem...but there was a slight problem. They decided to skimp on polishing the edges this time around. Again-not happy. Decided not to mess with it-it's too much of a pain to haul an 8 ft piece of glass in a minivan. Moral of the story? Make sure your husband checks each little thing and measures before leaving the place.

Drilling the hole for the cords-I opted for 2 holes at each end of the desk.

Hole at the left side.

Wah lah-with the white desk grommet in place...
Looks better already!

The under cabinet lights (3) were installed. We picked them up at Ikea on our last time dirt cheap.

Close up of a light.
Exciting-I know...

The little cord catcher things Travis picked up and screwed along the under edge of the shelf to keep them nice and hidden.

This is the kind of help he was getting-along with plastic drills and screwdrivers. See why these projects of ours seems to take a wee longer than norm?

A good shot of the cord holes at either end of the little wall inset. The switch for the lights will be tacked up to the wall-not just hanging there like that...

And from farther back. The old desk (to the left) is now carried out. Yesterday I spent gobs of time upside down and twisted around hovering over the glass top to prime and paint the underneath of the shelves where the lights were. (I could slightly see under there from the couch and it was driving me NUTS!) It looks so nice and clean now. Edges caulked and smooth...Love it!

I can't wait to re-arrange the shelves so it doesn't look like such a jumble!
Next update: the bulletin board for the back wall.....



  1. It's coming along nicely. I have to say both my husband and I smiled looking at the pictures of your husband working and how is two little helpers is right there with him. What memories that brings back to us.

  2. Great job! And the little helpers are going to be awesome DIYers one day - you know, when they can use real tools :)

  3. Donna HollingsworthFebruary 3, 2010 at 10:41 PM

    Love the shelving! This looks so nice! You hve inspired me to make some drastic changes in my home office that I share with my husband. I love the little helpers! They make every moment so special!