Friday, February 12, 2010

The best kind of inspiration

I've been slacking big time and I'm really feeling the pressure since Amanda has been working hard on her desk project. It turned out great, btw :)

I think I (sort of) have a good excuse for not doing anything around the house lately. After a very long and difficult journey, we now have the best inspiration for a decorating project......

Our little guy.
Due to arrive in April.

Let the fun begin.........

We have an empty room with 2 windows and 2 closets.

As you can see it's a blank slate.

We're expecting a boy but we're not crazy about using blue. It really would make it easier since it seems like almost everything out there for boys is blue. We also don't really want a theme, per se. After a lot of browsing we finally decided on a green & brown color palette.

Here are some paint paint and fabric samples..........

(Sorry, I'm not a photographer nor do I have a great camera so my pics leave a lot to be desired. I think you get the idea though)

We've been browsing through a lot of pics for wall treatments. Stripes are a definite possibility but do we want....

vertical stripes ?


horizontal stripes??

(picture from Design Dazzle)

I almost forgot, this is the crib we have on order (along with the matching double dresser).

So there you have it, the project we've been waiting to work on for more than 7 years.

If you have any ideas or inspiration pics, please do share. Thanks for looking and I'll try not to be a stranger on my own blog. I plan on updating throughout the process.


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