Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bulletin board=Happiness

Part 3 of the desk nook...
This is where is all starts coming together-finally!
Ok for months I've had these strips of paper taped underneath each rattan box cubby telling me what each is for...

They seriously looked crappy. I've had an idea in my head all along-and ran into them the other night when shopping for the bulletin board...
2.99/yard for burlap at Joann Fabrics. I needed just shy of 2 1/2 yds.

Scrapbooking bookplates. $4.Found them at Joann's 40% off. Ended up having to buy 2 packages since I didn't realize there were assorted sizes...

Since the silver handles on the drawers are brushed silver I'll probably hit these with fine sandpaper. They'll be screwed on under the 6 basket cubbies where the papers were.

Trav installed 3 spacer boards on the wall to attach the board to give it stability (well, more like he added 2-there was already one up above that you can't see that is helping support the shelf bottom) so he just evened it all out.
I think the board we used was called homasote board. (?) We found it at Menards and is about 1/2 inch thick and pretty heavy. Note that I had to cut it down and rig it into 2 pieces to get it to fit the area I needed. I glued them together with Goop and those paint stir sticks for a little stability-lol. Stapled the burlap on just like I'm upholstering a chair...The back is never pretty-but who cares-no one will ever see it once it's up, right?

Tah dahhhhhh!
I cannot believe how MUCH I love it! The texture really warmed up what was kind of a cold space. I still need to hang the little silver plates after some minor paint touch ups today. Still need to attack those shelves above-but will have to wait for another day. One is just getting over the stomach flu here and another one has started and the 3rd is out of school today and going absolutely stir crazy!

Off to go play Go Fish.....Have a great one!



  1. Wow-that looks really sharp. I love the black boxes too!

  2. Love the idea for the bulletin board... good job!