Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From one boys room to another

Looks like we'll be tag teaming little boy bedrooms on here for a bit!!

It was time for our 3 1/2 year old to move on up to the big boy bed! I don't think I've seen him so excited in quite some time... Then it was a crib switcharoo for the littlest guy...

I plan to do an overhaul on the room. I never finished it like I wanted and have lots of ideas.

Here is from the doorway looking left. He's got 3 nice windows but it makes it difficult to arrange furniture in there--at least with a crib...I'm hoping that with a twin bed will be easier! These 100+ year old houses make furniture placement so hard!

And looking to the right. The antique lawyers bookshelf was given to me from a friend. Love it.
This crib is now in Sawyer's room.

The plan was to bring the antique twin bed down from attic storage and paint it while waiting for a mattress order to come in. Surprise...mattress was there and ready to be picked up the same day. You'd think Gabe got a new toy-I can't keep him off of the thing!

Actually I can't get any of them off of it-I finally got one of them laying still.

The bed is about 1/2 way painted and hopefully will be ready to put together this weekend. I can't wait to rearrange and find some goodies for the walls. For Christmas Travis gave Gabe 3 of his old 80's skateboard decks and will be making shelves out of them...now I need to figure out where to put them and what goes on them. I love that Gabe is wanting to be involved with this as well. He's been saying he wants to help put the bed together-he'll probably be hovering with his plastic drill and screwdriver ready to go....lol. Love that kid :)

I'll be posting progress as it happens...



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