Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring fever

Oh, I've been sitting here daydreaming about spring right around the corner...Haven't we all?This has been THE longest winter and I am so glad to see it GO.

Today I flipped through some Pottery Barn books (yes, and I took pictures of the pages cos that's just how I am...) and wanted to post some things inspiring me today!

We're planning to start a patio/deck/pergola area in the backyard (hopefully) this year so I've been busy trying to find a good layout that will work with our space. I thought this was nice-but I'm not sold on the concrete patio...(our pergola would be white, btw...) here's a nice white pergola. And that smoofy daybed...too bad we live in Illinios. That wouldn't fly here.

But I AM in love with that simple white and blue striped quilt-I want it for Gabe's new bed. Anyone know the name of it? I must have it! hehe. Obviously, it's a PB one but don't recall seeing it-I bet it's an old one...

Another small shot of the pergola~ My dream is to actually have a long handmade (by Trav, of coarse) farmhouse table to put under the pergola and have it stung w/ lots of white lights in grapevine balls........can you see it? ahhhhh.

Ah, and I dream of the day we'll have fluffy, mature hydrangeas around the perimeter of the yard. With this huge house remodel the poor yard hasn't had much done to it. The edges get so much shade they're a muddy mess. These would look lovely.

This has me thinking about that old icecream table and chairs we used to have in the was heading towards the garage sale pile last week. I'm thinking about carrying it to the front porch to see how it fits in our funny little nook by the front door. This might work?!

Not sure what this one was about-I guess the mature landscapinig, pea gravel and fun metal stool spoke to me. I have black chairs almost just like that...

Saved the best for last. A little inside joke for Kim...cute idea with that mini colander, eh? :)

I'd love to see other's spring inspiration! Does anyone have anything they're itching to do once the weather breaks? Any fun links? Share them with us! :)