Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book review

A couple of weeks ago when Travis and I were being "interviewed" about our home restoration project by our neighborhood historian for the newsletter-he said "You guys could write a book about all of this!"

That made me go "hmm"

The next time I was at the library I decided to see if I could run across any books on the subject of old home restoration..... I came across this.
All the Way Home. Building a family in a falling down house by: David Giffels

This book. Wow.

Ok, I've to say~this is the first time in our 13 married years that I've seen Travis finish a book. lol. We tag-team read it and finished within a day of each other. I must's almost like we could have written it. It's been done. Guess no book authoring is on our horizon...David Giffels has said it all-and much better than either of us could express in written word.

I totally recommend this book to any DIY'er or old home owner. It makes you think about the history, the original owners, what these walls have seen....Too bad we didn't find 17,000 hidden in one of our walls like he did (not for lack of looking!!)

{The newsletter has come out now-but unfortunately isn't online yet. I'll post a link once it is online......}


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  1. My husband discovered this book 2 years ago after listening to the author give an interview on radio. He loved it. I loved it. But my book club peeps didn't enjoy it as much as I did. I thought it was fun learning how run down it was and what it took to get it liveable again. That wife was a saint however :)