Sunday, January 24, 2010

New desk!

I've always wanted a "office nook". I've been sitting on a magazine photo for 5 yrs of what I've wanted...finally-light at the end of the tunnel. have I mentioned before how lucky I am that Travis can do whatever he puts his mind to? I can't believe I'm showing my mess-but here goes...

I took this picture last summer. Our old desk was just kinda shoved in there under the shelves that I had Travis make for in the sunroom. Unfortunately I need to learn to arrange shelves pleasingly but for now it's serving it's purpose...

Anyhow, the plan has been to either a) build a desk to fit the expanse of that area or b) find one but it would be really hard to find that size...we ended up doing a little of both.

We ended up buying 3 freestanding file drawer units from JC Penney's. (of coarse they weren't on clearance when I ordered them!) I'd have bought 4 but there would be no leg room and if I bought only 2 there would be so much wasted space. So I settled for 3 (even tho the symmetry is going to drive me INSANE-but that's something I'm working on in all aspects of my life right now...)

Travis built the top of the desk using 1x12's. He biscuited them together to make one solid top and notched out the back section since the wall does that weird little inset. It was filled with wood filler, sanded, primed, sanded again, and painted like 3 times. He added an extra little piece all the way around to make it appear beefier than it actually is. There are lots of little support pieces on the bottom and an extra support piece back at the wall where the notched section sits on. The files were all screwed together then the top screwed on.

Lol-and here's the mess on the other side of the room. Gabe was helping by taking Dad the mini shopvac from my studio.

I honestly had pictures of the assembly process of the top by can't find them! ER.

So, my plan-if you can picture-is to have a thick glass top cut (tommorrow!), make a burlap covered corkboard for the wall inside the little inset area, hang under the cabinet lighting underneath the shelves and hang some of those cute vintage description tags to replace my pieces of paper under the baskets.

Boy-I really need to dig out some pictures of this room BEFORE it even came to this...maybe that will be my next post...

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