Monday, August 10, 2009

A very bare dining room

Here's a peek at our (empty) dining room.....

We haven't found anything that we love for this room and I honestly don't think we'll use it very often. So I decided to try Craigslist for some old furniture that we could re-purpose.

It took a while, as I can't seem to find anything on our local CL. I sent Mike & my brother (with his truck) to look at a table and hutch and here's what they came back with.......

(there's a leaf as well)

(Oh, here's the drawer)

I was quite surprised to see these lovely stars. They were definately not in the picture I saw online.

Mike assured me that we could fill them and you'd never know they were there.

Here's what they look like now......

Now that the boring part is done, I get to decorate and make it look pretty. :)
I really want chairs like these...........



  1. GASP!!! I LOVE them! Wow, to think you found something on Craigslist that wasn't from the 1970s like around here...I can't believe how much the table looks like your inspiration picture! You're on your way!! woohoo!!

    Still keeping my eyes open for those chairs and a runner for you...

  2. I love finding things on Craig's List! Good for you! It has to be so fun to get to go out and look for all these new things for a brand new room! Enjoy! :)

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