Monday, August 3, 2009

I had the back-door blues...

We're not any closer to a solution for a floor yet...Trav wanted to immediately re-sand and get to work on it but I talked him into living with it all week and thinking on it-then work on it next weekend. I'd rather not just jump into it without figuring it all out first.

So instead I got Mr. Antsy Pants to hang a some things on the walls finally. Funny how much of a difference a room feels once you get something hung up!!

We also started chipping off old veneer from an antique desk to re-do for Chloe's room-that project may take a little while so more on that later...

I finally got Travis to carry the old ice cream table OUT of the kitchen and replace with an antique bench we've had for awhile. I still remember when we found the bench-before kids- when would actually go places for long weekends-lol. We had gone to Hermann Missouri during Octoberfest and stayed in a bed and breakfast and toured wineries. It was such a neat town with awesome antique stores. Lugging this sucker home in our Blazer was fun lemme tell ya-it's a lot longer than it looks.

Our plan all along was to make a bench with storage underneath along the front of the kitchen windows but there has just been so many other things to do to make the house "live-able"...this will work great for the time being and sure beats looking at that table and pile of shoes! :)


  1. About the Floor why not stain a border around the room so that it looks like a rug or that it was planned as being different. Or you could paint the border on since your home is older it would look really neat and rustic to have a painted rug in it. Just a thought :)

  2. Hey Shyla! Got your message last night-we were eating dinner.....
    sigh...well, a border would probably work the best-the only issue is the other room it butts up to (my salon/now playroom) has an ornate scroll-y inlay in the floor so it would be 2 rooms butted up together w/ different borders. That's the only thing that's holding me back :(
    I'm trying to talk Trav into redoing all of our floors (cept the kitchen) and make them dark like our kitchen. So far he's not buying that-lol.