Friday, August 14, 2009

Attic stash!

Does anyone have an area of the house that old stuff accumulates and you have forgotten about it for...ohh...let's say 5 years?

I feel like I just went shopping in my attic! lol.

I was up there yesterday trying to do a little bit of organising here and there and started gathering interesting antiques/junk I've had shoved in and behind boxes...I've got a little pile started and know there's a ton more. And oh! Picture frames galore!

We moved in 4 years ago but remodeling started a year before that. Most of this was stashed up there at the time and hasn't been looked at since. I am envisioning all sorts of things I want to do....we're just needing some more horizontal surfaces to place things...What a goofy problem to have, I know.

I even found an awesome antique trunk that was forgotten about and filled with Trav's ugly old sweaters from the 80's/90's (say it together now: EWWW!) The sweaters are officially in a Goodwill pile and that gorgeous trunk is already in our living room acting as an end table. I'm not in love with it there right now-probably since I'm not loving the room in general...I'm thinking of pulling a Canice Olson and doing a room swap-eeep!!!!


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  1. did you keep Travis's old sweaters? Oh I hope so...let me know okay? I have a project that needs old sweaters.