Monday, August 24, 2009

~Our home~

It hit me the other day that maybe we should have kicked the blog off with intros to the exteriors of our homes! *smacking myself in the forehead* Oh well, we're not that far into it...

Here is our home as of last week. Just you wait til you see the before pictures-yuck!
There is still tons to do around mailbox, house numbers, landscaping, driveway tear-out, garage siding, back patio/deck, finish tuckpointing and foundation painted, rebuilding of the side patio, privacy fence....and that's just the exterior. I'm sure I could find more projects if I tried-lol.

It's hard to see in this photo since our Magnolia tree is in the way-but our daughter, Chloe's window bays out nicely up on the left filling her room with sunlight. There is also a nice big triple window in the attic up there....which hopefully one day become a master suite?? :)

Here it is before we got to it...March 2005. This isn't the best picture but it's all I could find right now. At least you can see the old nasty siding and how there was no front porch...

We actually bought it in 2004 and had to work on it for a year before moving in just to get the inside liveable. It was a foreclosure and not lived in for quite some time. We're talking dead birds all over the floors people! I still have no clue what we were thinking tackling this w/ a 3 year old...Luckily we had family help in the beginning...

Ugh, I can still remember the smell of those bushes. They smelled like cat pee. Nasty. So thankful we yanked those out...'s certainly not complete yet BUT I think we've made HUGE strides in changing this house for the better! I don't think of it too often but sitting here looking at photos really makes it sink in how much we've done :)

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