Sunday, August 9, 2009

Crossing my fingers and toes!

Well, Travis wasn't exactly excited about my dislike over the floors he had just completed. I WILL say-I never once asked him to redo them. He offered. I think underneath his, um...displeasure with me-he didn't like them either...

Today is day 2 of sanding once again. It feels like that movie groundhog day around here. (haven't I been here before?) There is a step he skipped (renting a screener) and is hopeful that that is the missing link and by using it they'll blend better. *ihopeihopeihope* A neighbor told me "my husband wouldn't redo them-I'd have to throw a rug down" so I should be happy that he's doing this. I just pray it's not for nothing.

I decided that the stairs will be dark. Darker than the floor. They're a different wood and look yellow with the stain so they will get a completely different stain this time around. I was going to try and stain a dark emblem of some sort in the middle of the floor to tie it all in but decided to just use a rug to ground the room.

I'll be posting pictures soon!!


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