Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year~ A New Room

Happy New Year People!

I have no excuse for abandoning this poor forgotten blog...Bad of me...especially since we've done so much to the house this year it's crazy!

I WILL catch up on some belated photos of our projects soon...very soon. For right now I want to talk about the newest project: The Living Room.

From Thrifty Decor Chic. I just love these bamboo blinds...I will have them...

I knew it was coming.....agreed upon to start after the Christmas mess was cleaned up and put away. I am indeed doing a room switcharoo-and now that the time has arrived-I am stumped! I am without a master plan, paint colors, etc. I think this revolves around the simple fact that we need new furniture like-wayyyyy bad. And we do agree. I totally see HIS point of view. Trav points out the lack of practicality of having a white couch with 3 small kids-lol. Just last night I was scrubbing ink out of the mustard yellow slipcover we I can only imagine white!

Photo from Sweet Savannah-This room loooks so yummy and cozy! And look at that white couch! Agh! Love!

I love me some burlap...And organizer thingies. I need some of those around here!

What I do have, however, are these few inspiration pics. I will have to start here and hopefully it will all mesh together into something cozy!

Photo from The Lettered Cottage. I love the dark flooring in contast to all the light airy tones.

This tops it all. This may be the silliest inspiration photo ever but this is IT. This is the feel I want-the colors-everything. As Rachel Ray would say "YUM-O!!" This will be my living room...oh yes it will! you can see there quite a unified theme...But I feel I shouldn't pick a paint color or floor coverings until a couch and chair have been found. I could probably afford to go fairly bold on the walls if I chose to since there is wainscoting along the bottom 1/3 of the walls in that room. I'd better get to work! I wonder if this will get done in 2010? lol

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