Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby steps

As of last night we cleared out the rest of the concrete and laid a path just to make sure we were keeping enough aside. We probably wont even need this much. The plan is to recess it into the ground and have grass grow between...

You can get a glimpse of the shutters we added to the garage last week.

Wow, this is going to give us so much more grass! I still can't believe someone built a garage on the opposite side of the yard all the way back there...

An idea of what I am envisioning
(photo found in google images)

I should have posted an exterior shot of the back of the house...but here is an idea of what we are going for. We'll have a small area of pavers for a yard level patio-the stairs will inset like those do on the right to the back door. We will also have a set of inset stairs on the other side to our side door.

Their porch wraps all the way around. Ours will go to the corner of the house then a small one from our side door will tie into the mail deck. And the pergola.....sigh...

Another beautiful pergola. Couldn't resist. the plan is to have a long skinny farmhouse table undderneath as well which is why I've saved this photo for all of this time.

It's been really difficult to "see" how it will come together. Now that all of the white concrete is out of my eyesight I'm starting to see it... ;)

On the agenda this week: removing the sidewalk by the side door. I will then call the gas company to have them come move the gas meter to a better location. I'll also need to line up a visit from the a/c people to talk about moving our air unit as well. Exciting-lol.

Last 3 pics courtesy of Country Living.


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